25 Jan 11


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So my friend said:

I don’t get why people should write their secrets in a booklet or anything alike. If it’s something dark, then you’re being stupid risking it written on something someone has a change of getting. If it’s something memorable or something that’s sentimental, then I doubt you’d forget something like that, thus, no need for a material to make you remember it.

And there I said:

when you have a dark secret, youll never feel okay keeping it all to yoruself because youll always feel guilty. letting it out to a friend helps but if your secret is indeed dark, you cant always tell it to someone else. this is why some people find it easier to just write it down anonymously online or wherelse

 His reply:

There’d always be someone who’d know it’s your secret. Is it a risk worth taking?


 Yup. The darker it is, the heavier you feel, the more people’d like to put it out on someone or somewhere. :| Last year I joined the Can you keep a secret party of UP JMA (Diliman). It felt good. If you visited the party place, there were secrets everywhere. I dont know if some people just did those to join the fun but to some, i think it really helped them. :) The secrets I posted there were hardly known by anyone. :) try visiting www.postsecret.com some people just do it for fun or for the sake of it but some really are helped by it psychologically

So I once again visited Postsecret to check out how it’s going right now. And there I got amused seeing people’s secrets once again. Below are my top three favorite secrets from the latest posts (first picture not counted).


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